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October 8thth, 2002: Took "Lack of Providence" down for the time being - doing a bunch of fixer-uppers on it and then, eventually, new parts.
Can you believe it? I can't...

November 15th, 2000:Oh, silly me, by the way, I updated the "About" page a bit so you have a slight idea as to why I've been such a slacker when it comes to writing. Also, almost a year (My-Dear-God, I can't actually believe it's been that long) after I've started writing this pup, I still haven't given credit whre the credit's due. The title of the story is from the song "Providence" by Ani Difranco. The general idea was also derived from listening to that song *way* too much. So there. Oh, and - if you're interested, you can find the lyrics here


November 14th,2000:Holly... Been a while, huh? First off, thank you to all who wrote and asked me about "Lack of Providence". You need to know that I would have given up on the story a long time ago if it weren't for you guys. Now, I know it might seem as if I did indeed stop writing, but it's just taking (a whole lot) longer these days. It appears that, despite my best efforts, my life refuses to reach the 'settled' stage so far. The job's a mess, and on top of it all there is a small issue of buying/renovating/moving into a new home. But, to thank you all for sticking with me and show that I'm still alive, here's a little sumpin' for ya. Now, make sure you let me know what you think, ok?

July 8th ,2000: Well, finally, here's an update from me, part V of Hostages. Just a small update, but the story's nearing its close, and hopefully, now that I have successfully graduated, moved into my apartment, started work, and stopped dealing with all the Dyke Drama, I'll be able to write more frequently again. Enjoy. :) Xenalicious says that she, too, will attempt to write more after she comes back from vacation. In a month. Heh.

June 11th ,2000: Finally: a teaser for your neglected palate. I am starting to work on it again! Part 6a (just a few pages) can be found here. Thank you so much for your patience and for asking for more.
Honestly, if it wasn't for all your e-mails, Marissa and Ariana might have never gotten laid... ;) Thanks, and I'll try to be more timely from now on.

April 25th, 2000:*Cringe* Eh, um, sorry? Okay, for real now, both Reneegade and I are just feeling extremely, extremely badly about being horrible writers, we are. It's just that the whole "real life, getting a job and finding an apartment whilst trying to graduate on time" thing is really interfering with all the fun things we like to do. I just want to tell you that I have the story all worked out in my head, Ariana and Marissa are just waiting to pop up on the page. Please be patient and we promise it'll be worth it. I personally cannot promise any updates till early June, but - again, I promise to get on it full force then. Thank you for your emails and kicking my arse - I do need it, and I do appreciate it.

March 27th, 2000:Okay, okay, we know... We've been bad, bad girls. But, things are looking up, spring break is over, and - lemme tell ya, we're back on our stories. Even Reneegade is feeling all frisky. Spring, I tell ya! One week, I promise. Thank you for your support and patience.

March 5th, 2000:Hello all! This is just a short note of appology and explanation. Reneegade is currently dealing with the end of her 3 1/2 year-long relationship, and has not felt too inspired lately. Consequently, Xenalicious has been distressed as well, providing emotional support. We are sorry for the lack of updates, but promise to make it up to you all soon. Thanks, and e-mail us with any questions and/or notes of support. :)

February 24th, 2000:Finally! Part 5 of Lack of Providence is up. Reneegade has been busy with her "real life", but expect an update from her shortly.

February 6th ,2000: Updates for you: Hostages Part IV and Lack of Providence Part IV. Let us know what you think.

January 26th ,2000: Reneegade is back from Israel, and we've got updates for you: Hostages Part III and Lack of Providence Part III. Enjoy, and let us know if you like it

January 10th, 2000: So just to let anyone who's waiting with bated breath know that there won't be any updates (probably) for two weeks. I will be in Israel till the 25th, and neither I nor Xenalicious have quite enough for an update yet. So, it'll be a few weeks, probably. Unless we both get really inspired, and I get prolonged access to a networked computer.

January 6th, 2000: Added What's New (cute, eh?) and Hostages Part II and Lack of Providence Part II

January 5th, 2000: Added pictures to our About page


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