Lack of Providence



Part V


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The house seemed well kept on the outside and glowed in warm purple tones amidst the browns and grays of its neighbors.  A big rainbow flag hanging from the flag post above the porch fluttered in the late afternoon wind.  Marissa could see light shining through the first floor and attic windows.  She guessed that the second floor was occupied by Eva, the woman presumably gone for the evening.  She looked around and her eyes settled on the mailbox hung by the door.  It was too dark for her to see the names on it and her lips lifted in a smile as she remembered a phone conversation she had with Sydney earlier that day.


“Well, how am I going to know which house is yours if there is no number on it?”


The girl had chuckled.  “Oh, maybe look at the names on the mailbox?”  An abrupt silence followed that statement making Marissa think the girl had said something she wasn’t supposed to.


“Sydney?  Hello?”


“Ah, hi.  Sorry, I got distracted there for a second.”  Her voice had held a wavery quality to it now, but it was gone with the next sentence.  “Don’t worry, you won’t be able to miss it.  It’s the gayest house on the block.  It will simply draw you in.”


She hadn’t been exaggerating.  Even the drab fall afternoon couldn’t dull the vibrancy of the house in front of her.  She found herself wondering about Eva again, the woman for whom Sydney had shown nothing but dedication and quiet affection.  She had been as close as Sydney had gotten to talking about family.  And still Marissa couldn’t shake off the tiny teeth of illogical jealousy nipping at the corners of her mind.  Her emotions and actions concerning this girl did not make any sense.


She wanted Sydney with a hunger that paralleled what she had experienced with Kris.  It was a need that overrode caution and the restraints of ingrained socially accepted behavior.  There was one main difference though.  Where the excitement from encounters with Kris stemmed from Marissa’s anticipation of her own sexual pleasure, when her thoughts turned to Sydney, all she could think of were many ways she could draw enraptured moans from the younger woman.  Her desire stemmed from the fact that she wanted to create Sydney’s moans of pleasure, to clear the sadness in the green eyes, not from her personal need for satisfaction.  Well, at least not completely out of my personal need…


Shaking off her thoughts, she transferred the heavy bag she was carrying into her other hand and knocked on the door.  Selfish or not, I plan to have my need satiated tonight.  So, stop dilly-dallying and go in.


A few moments later she heard footsteps and her heart picked up its pace in expectation of soft green eyes and a bright smile.  It was only her years of dealing with obnoxious talent and the need to deal with even most eccentric of authors that helped Marissa’s smile stay firmly entrenched on her face.  The woman in front of her, holding the door open, was an accident waiting to happen.  The thought of what would happen if even one of the numerous piercings adorning her face got caught in her towel almost made Marissa openly flinch.  Instead, the social butterfly in her took over and she smiled even wider, extending her hand.


“You must be Eva, correct?  Sydney has told me so much about you.”


The shorter woman was not fooled by her exuberance.  Her handshake was firm and brief, wary brown eyes never leaving Marissa’s face. 


“Nice to meet you Marissa.  Please come in.”  The tone of her voice was curt, but Marissa could tell she was already measured up and dismissed as unworthy, as far as Eva was concerned.  She could feel her own smile turning stiff on her face.  The hallway was dark and she could see coat racks bulging under their load.  “You can hang your coat here.  You don’t have to take your shoes off.  Here...” 


She was handed a coat hanger and she placed the bag she was carrying on the floor, taking off her coat and hanging it up.  Eva stood in the middle of the hallway, facing her, and the light streaming through the door behind her kept her face obscured from Marissa.  “Syd’s in the kitchen, finishing up.  Come in.”


Marissa wordlessly picked up the bag and pulled down her sweater before following the woman to the kitchen.  God, she actually jingles as she walks!  I bet she doesn’t dare swim like that, she wouldn’t’ be able to keep above the surface with all that extra weight dangling off her...  The humor only slightly covered the sting she felt at Eva’s cold response.  She found herself getting angry and irritated.  She’s probably just jealous that Sydney’s got a new friend.  I can’t imagine too many people wanting to be around a freaky pincushion like her.


The kitchen was just past the door and very spacious.  Before Marissa could wonder at the odd layout of the house, her mind abandoned thought as her eyes took in the girl standing by the stove.  Sydney had her head turned sideways, facing Marissa, her eyes twinkling a hello at her above the spatula positioned in front of her lips.  Her hair was haphazardly pulled on top of her head in her version of a cheerleading ponytail, long wisps sliding from the knot and softly curling about her forehead, ears and back of the neck.  Her cheeks were slightly flushed with the steam rising from the stove, rounding her youthful appearance. 


Marissa’s eyes slid down, taking in the girl’s outfit.  Where Sydney’s face and eyes and smile spread a gentle warmth from her chest to her eyes and curled her lips in a soft smile, the girl’s body awakened a whole new set of feelings in Marissa.  And they all centered bellow her belt.  The girl, unlike every other time she had seen her, was wearing contour-fitting black spandex pants, bare feet peaking from under them, and a tight white tee which outlined her breasts in sharp relief and ended just above her belly button.  Marissa let her eyes slide up from the golden flash of a belly-button ring to the outline of a small nipple ring below the white cotton.  The only concession to the baggy clothes the piercer usually adorned herself with was a bulky gray sweater that hung unbuttoned about her slim frame, reaching just past her hips.  Marissa swallowed.


The soft snort of laughter behind her and the accented flush of the girl’s cheeks made her realize she was, quite obviously, letting her appreciation show by staring.  She self-consciously cleared her throat, feeling Eva’s derisive eyes on her back.  God, now I know why my high-school boyfriends hated picking me up at my house and why my parents seemed to have so much fun.  Hefting up the heavy bag she was holding, she put it on the kitchen table she was standing next to and raised her eyes towards Sydney again.

“Hey, you.  I, uh, brought you your favorite, the little pump and all.” 


Sydney was walking towards her with a big smile on her face, hands burrowed in the pockets of her sweater, her body exposed to Marissa’s eyes with unconscious allure.  She stopped just a half a step away, her head tilted upwards and to the side, her gaze full and open. 


“Oohh, Bass Ale again.  What are you trying to do, get me drunk or spoil me?”  She paused, a fair brow rising in mock inquiry.  “Or both, hmm?”


Marissa looked into the eyes poised below her, golden-brown streaks dividing the green of the girl’s iris in meandering patterns.  No wonder her eyes seem so much darker and deeper sometimes.  Though the young piercer rarely left her thoughts from their first encounter, images conjured by her mind never came even near to the experience of standing near this woman.  The energy flowing off Sydney and lapping at Marissa was palpable, soft undercurrents raising the hairs on her forearms and the back of her neck.  The shock of having the young woman in front of her again, the warmth of basking in her smile, were affecting her thought process.  Eva’s presence didn’t matter anymore, her obvious dislike forgotten, aromas of the kitchen unregistered, the whole room sliding away until all she could see and feel was Sydney.  It was amazing.


“You’re gorgeous.”


 It escaped as a sigh, as a whisper, but the girl heard it, her eyes widening at Marissa’s words.  Then she stepped up her face breaking into the same smile Marissa saw at her doorstep after they had kissed.  She just smiled up at her with her hands still tucked away in her pockets, but the warmth of her body drew Marissa forward, eyes closed as their lips brushed.  That’s all it was, a soft brush, their bodies not touching anywhere else, but that made that single point of contact that more sweeter, their breaths mingling for a short moment before they separated.


Sydney slowly blinked once and then took a small step back, chilling the air between them with the lack of her presence.  “I see you’ve met Eva.”


Marissa took a step back as well, bringing Eva into her peripheral vision.  The brown-haired woman was leaning against the wall by the door, her face passive and her eyes still trained on Marissa. 


“Yes, we, uh.. yes, I did.”  Turning to Eva, she flashed her a quick smile.  God, she’s still here?!  Her legs felt twitchy and her heart still pounded and she crossed the room in a few quick steps, peering into the darkness beyond the kitchen window. 


“I haven’t been to this part of J.P. before.  It’s a nice neighborhood.”  She turned to Eva.  “Your house does stand out.  I was able to see it from three blocks away.”


Sydney was back at the stove, taking a pan off the burner and vigorously stirring contents of another one.  “Yeah, E and I painted it ourselves a couple of years ago.  We had a huge block party after we were done, everyone came to admire it.”  She snickered, glancing mirthfully at her older companion.  “We even got offered a few painting jobs after that.”  She faced Marissa, her spatula at rest for a brief moment.  “Unfortunately, Eva felt that painting came awfully near to construction work, and she didn’t want to be utterly stereotypical.  So we didn’t.  A pity, I say, the ‘hood would have looked much nicer, right E?”


Eva looked at the girl and smiled, sharp lines around her mouth dimpling and her eyes gentling.  The clear affection that radiated towards the young piercer completely transformed her face, softness replacing worry in her eyes.  “Right Syd.  Although, in the end, I think I did us all a favor.  One look at you in your tiny denim cut-offs and a tank-top, and all the old dykes in the neighborhood would have started showing up on my porch with freshly baked cookies, leaving their cats hungry and unattended to.” 


She silently contemplated the girl’s hearty laugh that followed her statement before pushing off the wall and nodding at Marissa.  “Syd can give you a tour of the house later on.  It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again soon.”


Yeah, I bet you do.  “You too, Eva.”


The woman nodded again before turning back to Sydney.  “Well, I’m off.  Depending on how festive Joan feels tonight I might just crash at her place.  Either way, I’ll see you at work tomorrow, if not earlier.” 


The girl nodded.  “Okay, E.  Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”


“Aha.  Well, that certainly leaves me with a lot of options.”  And with a wink she was gone.


The small blonde sighed exasperatedly, shaking her head.  “Friends.  Can’t live with them...”


Marissa smiled, Eva’s departure making her feel less on edge.  “I can certainly relate to that sentiment.”  She stepped over to the table again, lifting the small keg out of the bag she brought.  “Let me put this in the fridge before it starts warming up.”  After a few minutes of maneuvering and re-arranging, she was able to squeeze the keg in the fridge.  God, I don’t remember the last time I saw this much food in one fridge.


“What are you cooking?”  Whatever it was smelled wonderful and Marissa couldn’t help but notice the incongruity of her first impression of Sydney and who the young woman was turning out to be.  She can cook, she can pierce, if she’s good in bed, she’ll be fit to get married.  She allowed an internal snicker to escape.  Well, as they say, only one way to find out…


“My one and only specialty - tacos.  They’re almost done; I just need to finish up with the beans.  Would you mind setting the table for us?”


“Mmm, tacos… Next thing you’ll tell me, you’re making your own tortillas.”  There were cupboards everywhere in the kitchen and none of them seemed to have plates stored in them.  “Where do you keep plates in this place?”


“They’re right here above me.  And, yes, I do make my own tortillas.  Mama Garcia used to make tacos all the time.  That’s how I learned how to cook - I can only make random Hispanic dishes.”


Sydney’s back was turned to her and Marissa realized that if she wanted to reach the plates she’d have to lean over the girl to get them.  I guess I could ask her to step aside for a moment…  She eyed the petite figure in front of her again.  Nah!  Approaching, she stepped up to the girl and leaned in until her lips were almost touching the back of Sydney’s exposed neck.  “Looks good from here.”


The girl yelped, half turning towards her, startled.  “Yah!  How d…?  God, you scared me!”  Sydney faced Marissa now and that brought her upturned face just inches away from Marissa’s lips and the editor could see her focus on them. 


“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.”  She offered a devilish smile with no trace of apology in it.  “Do you forgive me?”  She leaned in lower, brushing her lips against Sydney’s again. 


It was absolutely delicious.  She could feel the slight shiver run from their lips down the girl’s body and the rush of her breath as it escaped in a small sigh.  It was an almost innocent touch, but for the restrained desire that bubbled below the surface.  It was odd, really, it seemed the more attracted they were to each other, the more timid their touches became.  The intensity, the need they felt increased over time but so did this slow-burning tenderness which made every touch they shared deep and unhurried.


She let her tongue trace the contour of the girl’s fuller lower lip and Sydney responded immediately.  True, the kiss began slowly and leisurely, tongues sliding against each other and tracing patterns in the warmth of each other’s mouths.  But with the first sigh, the first moan loosened in the exploration, Marissa could feel both of them losing the battle with their desire.  Fully turning towards her, Sydney tangled her hands in Marissa’s hair, pulling the taller woman hard against herself, claiming her mouth with the ferocity of their first meeting. 


The smell of burning beans interrupted further advances.


“Oh, shit!”  Sydney turned, moving the pot from the burner.  She leaned on the stove, taking a shaky breath.  “God, how do you do that to me?”


Marissa herself had a hard time stopping the tremors that run through her body in response to the girl’s kisses.  This is ridiculous!  What are we waiting for, a written invitation to consummate our relationship?  She had taken a step back, giving Sydney some room to compose herself.  Do we even have a relationship to consummate though?  She looked over to where the girl was trying to salvage the top layer of the ominously smelling beans.  The response she came up with surprised her.  God, I hope so.  But no more waiting...  She could see that both of them clearly wanted, needed to deepen the physical contact, so much that any normal interaction between them was simply impossible.  It was difficult to concentrate on conversation and other such mundane things when all of your nerve endings kept screaming “Just jump her already!”.


She took a step forward again, sidling up to the girl.  Reaching over Sydney’s shoulder with her right hand, she turned the burner off.  The move pressed her fully up against the girl, her lips conveniently poised next to a flushed ear.  “I can assure you that the feeling is mutual.” 


Her breath ruffled the soft curls around the girl’s ear and Marissa could feel the shudder that run through the body pressed against her.  “This whole week, I couldn’t’ stop thinking about you.”  She retreated her hand from the stovetop and let it wrap itself around the girl’s waist.  The feel of the soft skin of the bare midriff under her palm caused her to take a sharp breath.  With her left hand she reached over and drew the collar of the sweater away from the neck before her.  Her lips resting against the soft skin of Sydney’s throat, she murmured.  “I kept dreaming about you.” 


She gently nudged the girl’s ear with the tip of her nose before placing a soft kiss on the tender skin below it.  “I am madly attracted to you.”  Another kiss, a bit lower this time.  The girl was openly shaking now, her head hung low and to the side, allowing Marissa easier access to her neck.  “And...”  She let her voice drop to a purr, knowing the reverberations could be felt in the body pressed snugly against her.  “...I think you might be attracted to me too, hmm?”  Not waiting for an answer, nor expecting one, she let her lips cover the spot where the girl’s pulse was keeping a visible tempo of her excitement.  Her tongue slid out and flicked over the pulse point before she covered it again, gently sucking. 


Sydney moaned, her hands convulsively gripping the edges of the stove, her back arching into Marissa.   The sound of the girl’s pleasure broke the last thread of restraint Marissa thought she had over her actions.  The warmth of the body against her, soft scent of Sydney’s hair, the sound of the girl’s breath quickened with excitement made her forget that they were standing in the middle of the kitchen, that she had just walked in.  All that mattered now was to keep these sensations from dissipating.


Her hands dipped under the thin cotton of the girl’s shirt and the warmth that met her fingertips left her motionless for a moment.  Sydney’s skin was soft and warm, the flat expanse of her stomach interrupted only by a small golden hoop in her belly button.  Marissa slowly ran her fingertips from the edge of black pants, up the expanse of smooth skin, dragging the shirt with her and stopping at the wires of the piercer’s bra.  The shudder that ran through Sydney’s body at the touch was almost violent and she turned in her embrace, one lip caught between her teeth, her breathing erratic.  Small hands insistently tugged at Marissa’s sweater and she wiggled out of it, letting it fall to the floor.


The girl grasped her face with both her hands, not letting her move in for a kiss, and when Marissa met her gaze, her knees almost gave away.  There was a predatory glint in the green eyes before her, a flushed smile uncovering the gleaming whiteness of the teeth behind it.  God!  It’s like there’s two different people in there!  Sydney was in control again.  She placed her hands on the girl’s waist again, the warmth below them driving her to distraction, but Sydney didn’t seem to notice.


“You…” the piercer’s voice was low and just the slightest trace of teasing took the edge of the menacing undertones, “like to play with fire, don’t you, Marissa?”


She shivered, unable to look away from the verdant gaze which held her captive.  The truth was, she loved to play with fire.  The change in the girl she was witnessing was an exquisitely arousing experience for her and all she could do was nod her response.


A small nod and a self-satisfied smile were the only reaction from Sydney, her hands still holding Marissa’s face and keeping it just a short distance from her own.  “Well, then…” her thumb slid to caress Marissa’s lips, “I do live to oblige…”


Slowly, so slowly, the girl drew her face down and Marissa felt her eyes slide shut in anticipation.  She could feel Sydney’s sweet breath on her lips and couldn’t stop her own soft gasps from escaping.  The touch was so soft that she would have imagined she felt it if it wasn’t for the warm wetness that was left in its wake.  Her hands gripped the girl closer to her, her tongue touching the spot on her lip in reflex.


Then it was there again, longer now, lingering, and she felt the air escape her lungs with arousal.  The tip of Sydney’s tongue touched her parted lips again, feathery and tracing, igniting the nerve endings in soft flesh.  Her eyes still closed, she tried to lower her lips down and claim the promise that rested on the girl’s tongue.  Her head was yanked back, gently but with determination.  She opened her eyes.


Sydney held her gaze for a long moment, her eyes boring into Marissa.  Her voice was soft but the message was clear.  “Don’t.”  A soft kiss to the corner of her mouth.  “Presume.”  The other corner.  “To move.”  On her chin.  “Until I tell you to.”


Marissa swallowed.  To say that she was turned on would be to call Hurricane Andrew a spring breeze.  Sydney’s touch and smell and voice aroused her to no end, but what made her ravenous was the sudden change of pace, tameness replaced by dominance.  She could feel herself getting more excited by the second, feel her nipples straining against the lace of her bra.  She needed Sydney to touch her, to claim her, but the dwindling voice of reason kept asking her if she was ready for it.  She had never been so utterly consumed by need, by desire before.  Even with Kris, at her most carnal moments, there was a part of her that insisted that she could have walked away at any point.  Now, all she could hear was the roar of blood rushing through her veins in anticipation.


As if sensing her thoughts, Sydney moved in and erased all of them.  Her tongue penetrated Marissa’s mouth and claimed her as her own.  She wrapped her arms around the smaller woman, peeling the bulky sweater off her.  Her hands slid down, cupping Sydney’s ass and pulling her against her.  The girl’s hands were in her hair, drawing her in roughly, insistent tongue and teeth drawing out moans she couldn’t have suppressed even if she wanted to.  Then she felt small hands leave their purchase in her hair and slide down her back, slipping below the belt of her jeans and pulling her T-shirt out.


The first touch almost cost Marissa her balance.  The sensation of Sydney’s hands on the sensitized skin of her back was scorching, never having experienced it before.  It sent currents of warmth and energy through her skin, every touch infused with an electrifying charge.  Small hands slid up her back, pulling her shirt along with them, gliding over her shoulders and running down the length of her torso, avoiding touching her breasts.  Suddenly breaking the kiss, Sydney stepped back, silently tugging at the shirt, and Marissa complied, raising her hands.  Her T-shirt joined her sweater on the floor.


The loss of contact chilled her and she could feel the slight air currencies rising goose bumps on her exposed skin.  She stood there, in her jeans and a red lace bra Caroline helped her pick, in the middle of an unknown kitchen, swaying slightly with emotions carousing through her body, her hands twitching with the need to reach out and touch soft flesh again, but none of that mattered.  What mattered now was the look of undisguised admiration and desire she could see on Sydney’s face.  Unconsciously, she straightened her shoulders, her full breasts standing out more prominently; erect nipples directly at the girl’s eye level.


“God, you’re beautiful.”  It came as an exhale, Sydney’s voice low and raspy with need.  She took a step back, her eyes sliding up and down the expanse of exposed skin and Marissa could feel the trails of heat they left in their wake.  Slowly, almost reverently, Sydney reached out, and ran her hands up Marissa’s arms, starting with her fingers, up long forearms, raising the soft hairs with every touch, all the way up until she was cupping the back of the editor’s head again, pulling Marissa down towards her upturned face with awed gentleness.  “Perfect.”  She whispered, laying a kiss on the soft skin of Marissa’s neck.  “Soft.”  Her tongue traced a collarbone.  “Wonderful.”  Soft murmurs continued as the girl slid her hands down Marissa’s shoulders, taking the bra straps along.  Her lips moved up to cover newly discovered skin.


Marissa couldn’t take it anymore.  She was shaking.  The dizzying closeness of the girl, her scent, softness of hair brushing her neck with every movement of Sydney’s head, every touch, every word caused a small tremor to run through her body, increase her breathing, overwhelm her.  Blindly, her hands grasped the soft cotton under them, pulling and taking it off.  She had to feel Sydney; she had to feel her now.  Slightly taken aback, the girl still complied, raising her hands and helping Marissa take of her shirt.  The sight was breathtaking.  Blonde hair loosened in the process, hung about her shoulders and breasts in gentle waves.  The girl stood still under her hungry gaze, looking straight into her eyes, chin up, and Marissa could see defiance and vulnerability in her stance.  The white bra she wore did nothing to disguise the perfect roundness of her breasts, nipples pushing against the thin cotton.



She was... magnificent.  Though slender, the girl had an hourglass figure:  full breasts, tapering waist and rounded hips.  The femininity of her figure stood in sharp contrast to her non-descript dress style, oversized, baggy clothes effectively concealing her body.  Though she had the opportunity to trace the body before her with her hands, Marissa was not ready for the sight that greeted her now.  Pliant skin, inciting curve of breasts, defined lines of abdominal muscles were all hers for the asking.  Sydney was muscular in a lean way, muscles hidden under soft skin until the girl moved, and then they rippled and bunched, betraying the hidden strength in the slender frame. 


She was staring, but there was nothing she could do about it.  “Hey.”  Sydney’s voice was soft, but she could hear amusement in it.  “See anything you like?”  There it was again, that self-assured, seductive side of the girl.  Her eyes snapped up to the girl’s face, the soft green of the eyes in front of her clouded by arousal. 


“You are magnificent.”  She wanted to say more, to tell the girl exactly what an affect she had on her, to describe the fire her body was being consumed by, but this was no time for words.  Closing the short distance between them, she enveloped Sydney in her arms, their lips meeting with blind accuracy.  The sensation of skin on skin electrified every touch they shared, the heat created between their bodies seeping back through fervent skin and reverberating through them with increasing urgency.  There was no thought involved in their coupling, instinct overtook and led every movement, hands caressing warm skin, lips evoking sighs.


Bending at the knees, Marissa reached lower and, straightening up, lifted Sydney off the floor.  Not breaking their kiss, the girl adjusted, straddling Marissa’s hips and crossing her legs behind the editor’s back. 


“God, I want you.”  And she did, she wanted the girl so badly, she could feel the need gnawing at her in the pit of her stomach.  The response she got was the tightening of the legs around her, Sydney’s hips moving in tight circular motions, her lips claiming the skin of Marissa’s neck.  She couldn’t stay standing much longer like this.


Turning, she lowered Sydney on the table, leaning in with her hands planted on the cool surface until Sydney’s back was resting on it.  When the girl’s heated skin touched the tiles that covered the top of the table, she gasped, her back arching into Marissa.  The editor couldn’t stop a snicker from escaping. 


Sharp teeth tugged at her earlobe.  “You knew it was going to be cold, didn’t you?”  The voice seeping into her ear held a promise of sweet retribution and Marissa found herself nodding vigorously.


“Yes, yes I did.”  She pulled back, letting the girl see the grin on her face.  “What are you going to do about it?”


Sydney threw back her head, a chortle of laughter escaping at Marissa’s game.  When she brought her eyes back to the editor’s face, though, Marissa could see the depth of the craving directed at her.  “Oh, I can think of plenty of things.”  Her hands cupped Marissa’s face drawing her down for a kiss.  It was sweet and gentle this time, promise and longing intermingling with each breath they shared.  When they pulled back and looked at each other, all the nervous energy, coiled passion waiting to be released seemed to be subdued.  It was just the two of them, ready to make an exhilarating and frightening step forward, and they both acknowledged the same fact.  A soft smile caressing her lips, Sydney brushed her fingers across Marissa’s cheek before sliding off the table and leading her out of the kitchen.







She felt as if her knees were going to give out.  She clutched the girl’s hand, determined not to let anything interfere this time.  We’re going to do it!  We are really going to do it.  The narrow staircase they were climbing, Sydney leading the way, reminded her of those dreams where you climb the never-ending flight of stairs, the elusive white door at the end of the hallway getting farther with every step.  She shook her head.  Oh, no, I’m getting to that door tonight, and I’m opening it too.  God, I can’t believe this is finally happening... 


The smooth skin of the girl’s back filled her vision and she could see the nervous twitching of muscles in Sydney’s shoulders.  She looked closer, noticing the white-knuckled grip the girl had on the railing as they made their way up to the top floor, and dampness of the palm in her hand.  It seemed that, with every step they took, the girl lost some of her determination.  Before Marissa had a chance to process that information, they reached the top of the stairs, stopping in front of a dark-red door.  Still turned away from Marissa, her head hung low, Sydney let go of her hand.


“Marissa, I ...” She stopped, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.  “I can’t...” Her head shook slowly, long strands of blond hair trailing down her back.  Straightening, still facing the door, there was determination in her voice.  “I have to tell you something before we...” she stopped, unsure how to continue. 


Marissa saw the clenching of her jaw, the trembling of the slender fingers, she could hear the insecurity and... fear?, in the girl’s voice.  It moved her, the vulnerability of the girl, the slight slump of the shoulders in front of her, the halting quality of the voice that drove her insane with want just minutes earlier.  This was no time for insecurity, no time for doubt.  Whatever it was, it didn’t matter, she was going to prove to Sydney it didn’t matter.  She was going to make it better.


She stepped in, laying her hands on the chilled shoulders before her.  “Shhhh, it’s okay.  You don’t have to talk, not now.”  She could feel the tremor that ran through the slender body in response to her touch, could sense the girl’s need to just give in, lean into her body and give in.  Slowly pulling her in, she made Sydney do just that, lean onto her, the contact of skin on skin eliciting a soft sigh from the girl.  She never stopped softly murmuring into the small ear.  “It’s okay.  Whatever it is, it’ll be all right.”  She let her hands slide down the girl’s arms, the compact body leaning against her, the back of the piercer’s head resting against her shoulder.  “It doesn’t matter.  Not now.”  She wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist, detachedly noticing how fragile and slight it seemed under her large palms.  Deep inside her, a pulsating ache started - the need to keep the woman in her arms safe and happy, a feeling so subtle it went unnoticed amidst all other sensations carousing through her body.  “Not now.  Only you matter now, Sydney.”


As if breaking out of trance with her last words, the girl jolted, straightening and turning within her embrace.  “Marissa, I can’t…”  Green eyes looked up at her, pleading.  The confusion, the desire, and so much quiet need was contained in those eyes, Marissa did the only thing that felt right.  “Shhh...”  Placing one finger on the soft mouth, she bent down brushing her lips against Sydney’s forehead, sliding down to a soft brow, lower to a trembling eyelid, green eyes closed.  “It’s okay, it is.”  She kissed the other eye, before nuzzling a small ear.  How could she make her understand?  She wanted the girl and nothing she could say right now was going to change that.


“I want you.”  Her voice was raspy, her need clearly audible, but she didn’t care.  “I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone before.”  She grasped the girl’s face with both her hands forcing her to look up into her eyes.  She knew Sydney could see it all clearly in her eyes.  “Let me have you.”  She covered the face below her with soft kisses, the girl’s forehead, cheeks, corners of her mouth and with every touch she felt the small tremors run through the blonde woman’s frame.  “I need to love you.”  She moved away, making eye contact again.  Her voice was low, but she knew the girl could hear the promise in it.  “Let me love you.”


For a long moment the green eyes before her bore into her, searching, questioning, irises dilated with surprise and wonder, darkened with emotion.  Marissa could see the hesitation and the need to believe cross the girl’s features.  Then the eyes slid closed again and with a sigh of defeat, the girl gave in to her need.  Small hands reached up, tangling themselves in her hair and when she met Sydney’s lips, there was a desperate quality to the kiss, as if the girl needed to be shown that it was real, that Marissa meant what she said.  And she showed her; soothing with her lips, igniting with her teeth, her tongue claiming the girl’s mouth and planting the stamp of her possession on every sigh that escaped.  She was going to have Sydney tonight, and she was going to have all of her.




A fumbling hand reached out and the door to Ariana's room was flung open, the two of them stumbling through in a tangle of limbs, neither willing to relinquish the hold on each other.  A string of white Christmas lights hung across the wall and the dim moonlight streaming through a ceiling window was all the lightning in the room, dark shadows concealing the few pieces of furniture in the room.


The editor tried maneuvering their way towards the dark outline of a bed, but Ariana stopped her movement with a growl, pressing the tall woman against a wall just inside the room.  She could feel Marissa give in, relaxing in a position much like the one they had found themselves in during their first encounter.  Ariana was pressing into the older woman, hips pushing in, hands exploring the skin offered to her.  She was feverish, not allowing herself to feel anything outside the cocoon of Marissa's flesh and scent, the sensation of strong hands on her back and teeth on her shoulder. 


Her body took over, the urge to stop herself before she went too far was overpowered by the need to have Marissa's body cover her and have the editor's lips chase away the gnawing thought that she shouldn't be doing this, not before she had told Marissa who she was.  Her hands slid around Marissa's ass, kneading, pushing into the taller woman, and the moan that answered her crumbled any remaining hesitancy.  Too late now...


She slid one of her hands down the jean-encased thigh, pulling it back and drawing Marissa's leg along.  The tall woman readily followed suit, raising her leg and resting it on her hip, opening herself up to Ariana.  She detached her lips from the enticing line of Marissa's collarbone, craning her neck and demanding the woman's lips.  The editor complied, moving into the kiss, her hands in Ariana's hair, lips demanding more of her.  When Ariana slid a hand up, cupping her center, the heat seeping from the taller woman burned her palm.  "God, Marissa..."  She ground out against the editor's mouth, her knees going weak with trembling excitement.  How did she manage to resist this woman for so long?  And why?



Feeling the pressure of the small hand between her legs, the cultured part of Marissa content to follow the girl's lead fell victim to the red rush of her desire.  Pushing off the wall, she planted her foot on the ground again, grasping Sydney's shoulders and turning her around.  Now she had the girl positioned against the wall, eyes opened wide in surprise, her hands resting on Marissa's hips.  Surprised, is she?  Well... 


"Not so fast, love."  It was a low, deliciously menacing purr and she could see Sydney's eyes widen at her words.  She wasn't sure if that was a reaction to the tone of her voice or the term of endearment that slipped past her lips with no conscious thought.  "You see, I want to play too.  Now..."  She took Sydney's hands off her hips and placed them against the girl's sides.  Her lips found an earlobe.  "You just stay put and relax.  I'll do all the work..."  The girl slumped against the wall with a moan as Marissa's lips and teeth followed the line of her neck. 


Marissa took that little surrender with a satisfied smile, her hands sliding around the smooth torso, fingers searching for bra hooks.  She had replayed this moment in her mind hundreds of times since she met the smaller woman, the first sight of flesh, the scent of Sydney's hair gliding down her skin, the sensation of liquid passion on her fingers... Images overwhelming rational thought, swarming in her head and attacking her buckling concentration like a school of piranhas. 


Now that her hands and lips were tracking the contours she coveted in her dreams, her fingers would not stop trembling.  Just when she thought the hooks on the girl's bra were finally  getting undone, the smaller woman would press up against her, or moan softly in her ear, or bite down on her neck, and the bra would slip from between her contracting fingers, clinging on.  When the blonde moved in again, pressing up, moaning and nipping all at the same time, Marissa's blood finally boiled over and all of her fraying restraint withered away.  With a growl she grasped the thin cotton fabric and tore at it, the bra giving in with a rip.  Finally! 


Her mouth went dry at the sight that greeted her.  The roundness and full perfection of Sydney's breasts drew her hands up without her conscious thought.  The girl's nipples were small and pink, puckered with arousal.  A small golden hoop, not big enough to slide even down her pinky, Marissa judged, adorned the right nipple, gleaming its invitation in the dimness of the room.  She complied, drawing the girl to her with one hand and using the other one to cup the girl's breast, her thumb sliding over the pierced nipple, the skin warm and supple under her palm.  The touch sent a shudder through both of them.  Keeping her eyes locked with the stormy green of the blonde, she slowly bent her knees, feathering kisses down Sydney's throat and collarbone as she slid down her body. 


Lifting the small ring with her thumb, she hovered above the nipple, letting the warmth of her breath raise goose bumps across Sydney's skin.  With a devilish smile, she paused for a moment, making sure the girl's eyes were locked on her, and then she opened her mouth slightly catching the nipple ring with her teeth.  The girl's hands trailed up and cupped her face, the simmering look through half-lidded eyes searing right through her.  Sydney arched into her, eyes sliding shut, thumbs gently brushing against Marissa's jaw. 



"Marissa..."  It was a plea and it was a command.  She wouldn't be able to remain upright much longer.  The thrill of the sight of her nipple ring between Marissa's teeth almost overrode the sensations that shot through her body at the contact.  Almost.  The tall woman's moist breath on her breast sent shivers down her spine, but the slight tugging on the ring going through her nipple was opening a volcano between her legs.  She was shaking with need. 


"Marissa, I need..."  The editor pulled her head backwards slightly, sending a jolt straight between her legs.  The tightness of the pants she was wearing did nothing to relieve the pressure building in her pulsating bundle of nerves.  I can't take this any longer...  Tightening her hold on Marissa's face she was going to pull her up and away from her sensitive nipples, but the editor forestalled her move by one of her own. 


The feel of warm lips enveloping her nipple was sudden and cathartic. "Oh, God, Mariss-ahh..."  She could feel her head slamming back into the wall in reaction, but she barely registered it.  Marissa's tongue was darting across her nipple with deep strokes, lips holding fast to the soft flesh of her breast.  When the tip of the editor's tongue weaved its way through the loop of the ring, teeth nibbling, Ariana's knees gave out.  Her hands still cupping Marissa's face, she was unable to stop from bonelessly sliding down the wall. 


Undeterred, Marissa slid down with her, insistent lips and teeth not leaving purchase on her breast.  Skilled fingers were covering her other breast, kneading it, eliciting ruptured moans from her.  The tall woman didn't seem content to leave it at that.  Kneeling between her legs, Marissa straightened up moving her lips to capture Ariana's in a heated kiss, reaching around and crushing her against her tall frame.  The tall woman lowered herself on the floor, keeping the blonde prostrate against herself, and Ariana found herself looking down at six feet of pulsating energy and warm skin.  A movement later, she was looking up at six feet of the same sensual body, Marissa having exchanged their positions.


Smiling lasciviously down at her, the editor propped herself up on her elbows, her hands smoothing away hair from Ariana's face.  The feel of Marissa's body on her, heat vibrating between them where their skin touched, was making it difficult for her to breathe.  She could feel Marissa leaning in, warm breath caressing her ear.


"You..."  The woman stopped, enjoying the shudder that ran through Ariana, "are delicious."  The voice caressing her ear was a purr and Ariana found herself arching her back into the woman above her, her hips rising off the floor in an effort to ease the tension between her legs.  Marissa leaned in again, her tongue following the outline of Ariana's ear before dipping in slightly.  "And you have kept me hungry for a very, very long time now." 


"Dear God, Marissa!"  She couldn't take it anymore; the woman was trying to kill her!  She started squirming under the weight of the older woman, trying to get out from under her and take matters into her own hands.  This is no time for teasing!  Her frantic movements, however, pressed her up against the leg Marissa had conveniently placed between her thighs, and she soon found her hips moving in circular motions, her pelvis grinding against the muscular thigh between her legs.  “Ooohh, dear God…”


With a low chuckle the editor leaned in further, increasing the pressure with her thigh and the hands that were pushing her away just moments ago were now roaming the expanse of her back, drawing her in.  God, I’m so easy.  A blearily detached part of Ariana’s mind noted.  Put a beautiful woman between my legs and the whole world can go to hell for all I care…  Large, warm hands were running up her torso, scooping her arms on the way upward, drawing them above her head.  She hardly noticed a hand pinning her wrists to the floor, the tall woman’s mouth was raising brush fires along her skin.



Using one of her hands to hold Sydney’s wrists clasped above her head, Marissa used her mouth and free hand to track the body below her, to find the soft spots, the places that elicited prolonged moans, to mold her touch to the woman that was opening herself to her.  The sight of the blonde head swaying from side to side, eyes closed, back arching into her touch, the feeling of the wetness seeping through the clothing that separated them with every touch she made, was too much for her at this moment.  The breathless way the girl repeated her name with every movement, every sway of Marissa’s hips, was more stimulating than any of the images of this moment her mind had conjured in the last three weeks.  There was no sensual lingering of her previous encounters in Marissa’s touch now.  The need that consumed her now was all encompassing, all devouring.  She needed to feel Sydney contract around her fingers and claw at her back in release.


Her mouth seemed insatiable, lips covering a soft earlobe, tongue tracking the sensitive outline of  cartilage, teeth nipping at the pulse point on the girl’s throat.  Soft growling sounds and breathless moans escaped her lips with every contact with Sydney’s skin.  Fingers of her free hand dug into the soft flesh of the breast below her, kneading, eliciting a strangled moan as her reward.  Lowering her head, she sucked in as much of the pliant flesh as she could, a hungry tongue raking over the nipple in her mouth.  The sensation of the erect nipple against her tongue was almost her undoing.  Grinding her hips against the body below her she snarled in frustration realizing that both of them still had way too much clothing on.



Ariana was shaking, her eyes rolled back.  Her hands jerked against Marissa's restraints with every onslaught of the editor's lips but no rational thought spurred her actions.  Marissa's hair was cascading over her body, the dizzying scent and silken threads against her skin stealing her breath.  In the red haze of arousal she could hear her own ragged breathing and Marissa’s muted sounds of pleasure.  When the soft growls and murmurs from the other woman finally registered in her brain, they drove a wave of wetness straight between her legs. 


In the back of her mind she connected the sounds Marissa was making with the starved kitten she found at her door a few months back.  She had fed it pieces of chicken, the animal hungry enough to eat from her hand.  The sounds it made were a cross between purring and hungry growling, and hearing them coming from Marissa drove her wild.  The feel of the editor’s teeth on her nipple, long fingers rubbing the sensitive spot between her legs was more than Ariana could handle and she could feel herself nearing orgasm.  Her hips moved in short, spastic movements against Marissa’s fingers and leg, eyes tightly closed, hands straining against the editor’s iron grip, needing to anchor themselves in dark hair.  Not like this, dammit!  A soft part of her demanded and the frenzied coupling on the floor was decidedly unromantic.  Not so damn fast.  I want to feel her inside me.  A more practical side of her retorted. 


As if sensing her thoughts, all contact stopped suddenly, the pressure on her wrists gone, the rhythmic movement of the thigh between her hips stopped, cold air assaulting the abandoned wetness of her nipples.  She looked up in surprise to see Marissa kneeling above her, tearing at the belt buckle of her jeans.  Now or never…  Ariana followed her up, grabbing her head with both of her hands and crushing her lips in a possessive kiss.  The force of her attack pushed them both backwards but she broke their fall with one of her arms, lowering Marissa down and settling herself on top.  Only surprise kept the taller woman immobile for a few moments, but that’s all the time Ariana needed.


Her tongue was sliding against Marissa's, vying for purchase in the dark-haired woman's mouth, pushing and darting, capturing her moans before they escaped and savoring them.  She retreated, biting the full lips, the strong chin, capturing an earlobe, but she was inexorably drawn back to the bruised lips of the older woman.  Her breathing came in short rasps, her movements hard and demanding, imbuing every touch they shared with searing electricity, setting the skin below her palms on fire.  She could feel Marissa’s hands take hold of her hair in an effort to hold on, and to connect with the blaze that seared out of Ariana’s eyes.


Her hands grasped the delicate lace of the bra and returned the favor by ripping it off Marissa.  The taller woman gasped and arched into her, full breasts moving with her ragged breathing.  Ariana dove in, her teeth attaching to a nipple, hands kneading the flesh below them.  She could feel herself losing control.  Raising herself on her knees she shook off Marissa's hands from her hair.  The woman tried to grab a hold of her again, her body lifting off the floor in an arch, whimpering with the loss of contact.  Ariana didn't hear her, only one thought, one need in her mind.  She had to have her.  Now.  She ripped at the jeans encasing Marissa's legs, buttons giving in, and she yanked them down the long thighs, together with the white underwear underneath them.  Not enough. 


Growling, she pushed the jeans lower, pooling them below the editor's knees and entered her hard with two fingers, her eyes on Marissa's face.  The editor's hips buckled at the contact, and a low, drawn out "Yeeessssss..." escaped her lips.  One of her hands flew down, grabbing Ariana's wrist, securing her hand between her legs.  Ariana allowed her the control for a moment, drinking in the sight in front of her.  Marissa's head was thrown back, her hair spread like a black glistening halo around her.  Her eyes were closed, the pulse point on her throat keeping a visible tempo of her excitement.  In the hollow of her throat sweat glistened under the pale light of the moon streaming through the windows and Ariana found herself drawn to it.  Her tongue slipped out, savoring the taste of excitement and desire and she closed her eyes for a moment, resting her cheek on Marissa's breast. 


The feel of the tall woman contracting around her fingers, warm softness of her core drawing her in, pulsating with need around her, and caused her to bite down hard on her lip to prevent herself from coming at the contact.  It was too much, the smell and touch of the woman below her, the ragged sounds floating past her ears, the wetness of Marissa’s arousal sliding past her fingers, it all affected her like nothing ever had before.  Shaking her head with a soft growl, she straightened up, focusing again on Marissa, and what the tall woman needed from her. 


And Marissa obviously needed more.  The editor’s eyes were closed shut, short gasps escaping through her parted lips.  Her whole body was rigid with anticipation, hips raised, one hand griping Ariana's wrist and keeping her buried deep inside of her, the other clawing at the red carpet below her.  The contrast of pale, glistening flesh against the redness of the floor was brilliant and Ariana knew the sight would be seared in her memory for the rest of her life. 


She slowly curved her fingers, marveling at the warmth and softness of the woman contracting around them and was rewarded by another deep moan.  The sight of the body below her, the editor giving herself to Ariana, enraptured the young piercer.  It wasn’t about her anymore, about her need, the pulsing between her legs.  With a certainty which would have scared her had she been in any condition to register it, she realized that she needed to satisfy Marissa, needed to keep hearing these rushed moans and whispered curses time and time again.  Still not moving her hand, she continued to move just the tips of her fingers in a slow circular motion deep inside Marissa.  A broken sob escaped the dark woman and she let her hips fall on the floor, unable to keep her attention on controlling her movements.  She was solely focused on the sensations Ariana's fingers were creating, unaware of the sounds she was making. 


The contractions of the woman below her, the wetness she could feel sliding between her fingers, and the deep moans escaping Marissa’s lips caused Ariana to give in.  Bending, she let her lips envelop one nipple, sucking it in, biting down on it, letting Marissa’s need drive her movements.  She withdrew her hand slowly, tips of her fingers lingering at the woman’s opening.  When she drove her hand into Marissa, hard, without warning, she could feel pools of liquid desire seeping past her fingers.  Her thumb pressed against the swollen clitoris and with every deep thrust of her fingers, air escaped Marissa's lungs with an exclamation. 


She sucked harder on the soft flesh below her, drawing in as much of Marissa's breast into her mouth as she could, feeling the dark-haired woman's hips raise and drive down meeting her hand half-way, trying to take in more of her.  Both of Marissa hands were now tangled in Ariana's hair, as she arched up, pressing her face against her, urging her to give her more.  She could feel Marissa getting closer to orgasm as her inner muscles gripped her fingers powerfully with every thrust, and the air escaped Marissa’s lungs in short, violent bursts.  Curving her fingers Ariana changed the angle of her thrust slightly, and pressed more firmly on the hard bundle of flesh. 


The rip of the orgasm took both of them off guard, raising Marissa's hips of the ground with a jerk, emptying her lungs of air with a powerful scream.  Letting go of her breast, Ariana grabbed her around the waist with the free arm, securing the editor in her embrace and riding out the waves with her.  Her hand stilled inside Marissa, only the tips of her fingers twitching slightly. 


Spent by the orgasm, Marissa slumped down on the floor, chest heaving with exhaustion, arms lying limply by her sides.  Resting her cheek on the slick stomach, Ariana slowly withdrew her hand, causing a slight shudder to run through the body below her.  She raised her hand, glistening with the wetness of release and slowly brought it to her lips.  The aroma was electrifying, heavy and musky and when she placed her fingers in her mouth the slick wetness slid down her throat making her ravenous. 


Quickly pushing herself down, she settled between the exhausted woman's thighs and smiled wickedly.  "And now for dessert..."  She started with the moisture spread liberally across Marissa's thighs, the other woman protesting weakly, spent arms twitching at her sides.  The sight of slick black curls distracted her soon enough and she dove straight for her reward. 


Spreading Marissa's legs as much as her jean-encased ankles would allow, she slid her tongue up the length of her wetness, turning murmured protests into drawn-out moans.  The flavor of Marissa’s sex was godly, sweetness mixed with salt, the scent of desire filing her nostrils.  She used her hands to spread the sticky lips before her as she entered Marissa again, filling her with her tongue.  The soft movement of editor's hips and the sighs floating down spurred her on.  Using the length of her tongue, she ran up and down Marissa's opening before attaching herself to the tender clitoris and sucking gently.  When the other orgasm came, she did not want to let go and only hands pushing her head away and a soft "Please..." made her stop.


Straightening up, she looked down at the woman lying before her.  Marissa was still breathing heavily, one arm thrown across her eyes, the other one resting on the slick skin of her stomach.  Her legs were still spread awkwardly, ankles cinched by the crumpled jeans at her feet, the purple wetness of her center open for Ariana’s view.  This time, the surge of warmth that rocked Ariana was not desire, but an overwhelming tenderness.  Mine.  The thought came unbidden and she accepted it as such, not wanting to mar this moment by doubt.


Scooting down, she reached for Marissa’s feet, untangling them.  The woman jerked, and a quiet sigh of protest escaped her lips.


“Shhh, I just want to take your shoes off.”  Marissa relaxed and Ariana unlaced her hiking boots, pulling them off and tugging her jeans and socks off as well.  When she was done, she looked up and found Marissa looking at her through bangs made slick with sweat, the most pleased post-coital smile curling her lips. 


The sight made Ariana’s heart skip a beat.  “Hey there.  Feelin’ all right?”


The smile lazily widened, eyes made indigo by satiation closing for a moment.  “I’d like to think so, but I honestly can’t tell.”  The editor’s voice was low and raspy and Ariana found herself moving up on all fours closer to its source.


“Oh, how so?”  She inquired softly, lying down next to Marissa’s prone body, close enough she could feel the heat rising off her skin, but not touching the editor.  “Can’t be all that good if you can’t tell how you’re feeling.”


The dark head lolled towards her, the depth of the half lidded gaze that greeted her taking her breath away.  “Well, I’m slightly light-headed, I have no feeling in my extremities, and what I can feel of my body is pleasantly tingling.”  An eyebrow attempted to rise archly, but dropped back mid movement.  “And I seem to have no coordination.”


Ariana smiled, leaning in on impulse and kissing the dissenting brow.  “Well, that’s it, Miss Weller, no more sex for you.” 


The movement was so sudden, she didn’t realize what happened until she was looking into sparkling blue eyes above her, her wrists secured above her head again, Marissa’s breasts dangling dangerously close to her mouth.  “Oh, really?  So, you like to dish it out, but you don’t want to take it in, huh?”


She couldn’t help but chortle out loud.  “Take it in?”  She pursed her lips, arching an eyebrow, eyes pointedly focused on Marissa’s breasts swaying in a most delicious manner in front of her face.  “Oh, honey, I would love to take it in.”  Innocent green eyes blinked up at amused blue ones.  “I just didn’t think you were up to it, Marissa, that’s all.  After all, older people do need their rest and…”


Whatever else she was planning on saying was abruptly cut off by long fingers burrowing themselves in her midriff, tickling her unmercifully.


“Oh, oh, what was that?”  Marissa was straddling her hips, her hands causing Ariana to convulse on the floor below her, wicked grin spread on her face.  “Was that an apology I hear?  Oh, no, wait, that sounded remarkedly like a squeal.  Did I just hear you insinuate I was old?  No?  Yeah, I thought so.”


She couldn’t breathe, tears sliding down her cheeks, her pleadings for mercy interspersed by breathless giggling.  As suddenly as it started, the assault on her ribs stopped, but before she had a chance to regain her composure, two demanding lips claimed it again, a soft tongue demanding entrance to her mouth.  Large hands covered her breasts, sliding down, undoing the buttons of her pants, tugging them down until she complied, raising her hips and helping to slide them off. 


Marissa slid off her, moving to remove them completely off her, removing the pants completely, flippantly throwing them over her shoulders, together with Ariana’s underwear.  Then Ariana was covered by six feet of smooth skin again, Marissa’s mouth sliding along her neck, the editor’s mound pressing against her center and gyrating in slow circles.  Raising her head, Marissa detached her lips from Ariana’s throat, biting into a soft earlobe instead.  The editor’s voice was a low purr in her ear.


“Just for that comment, I’ll make you do all the work now.”


With that, the editor flipped them again, Ariana staring dazedly down into blue eyes again, her hips arching for the lost contact.  She felt Marissa’s hands on her hips, pushing her upwards, and when she realized what the tall woman had in mind; a low growl escaped her lips.  Moving up on her fours, she positioned herself above Marissa’s face, letting the woman’s hands lead her. 


The editor had revenge on her mind, every teasing, feathery touch bestowed by her igniting, where it should have been dousing.  Her hands kept Ariana’s hips stationary, not letting her dip lower or move away from the maddening touches.  Then they stopped all together. 


Just when she thought the maddening feel of editor’s breath on her clitoris would be the only thing to take her over the edge, Marissa’s fingers plunged into her, filling her and retracting, filling, and retracting.  Her fingers gripping the carpet below them, head hung low, hair sweeping back and forth with every movement of Marissa’s hands, driving into her she tried to hold on, tried not to give in to the currents of pleasure tearing through her.  She barely had a chance to adjust the movement of her hips to Marissa, moving to meet every thrust half way, when a hungry mouth attached itself to her throbbing clitoris. 


She came with a rush that robbed her of her breath, crosscurrents of pleasure shaking her body long after the woman below her stopped moving.  Sitting back, she slid down Marissa’s body, shuddering as her center skidded across the editor’s stomach.  She couldn’t stop shivering, small tremors causing her to burrow deeper into the body below her, into the embrace that enveloped her.  Soft sounds of Marissa’s voice and the comforting warmth of the hands around her were the last things she felt as she slid into a sated slumber.






The coarse texture of the carpet below her face and the wetness of drool under her cheek were the first things she noticed as she slowly floated towards consciousness.  Then she realized that she was freezing.  On the floor.


Quickly sitting up and turning around she let the sight of Marissa sleeping next to her calm her erratic heartbeat.  She’s still here.  It was real.  The woman was lying on her back, one arm draped across her eyes, an Amazon Goddess caught in slumber.  Whoa there, Ar, an Amazon goddess?  Dear God, what’s next, you’ll find yourself a willing supplicant to her throne?  Shaking her head at the unnerving thoughts, she still couldn’t escape the feeling of quiet awe as she watched the woman before her.


God, what can she possibly see in me?  She embraced her calves with her arms and resting her head on her knees followed the line of Marissa’s body with her eyes.  The soft glow of the woman’s skin in the semi darkness of the room made her mouth dry with desire again.  You messed up, Ar.  How are you going to tell her now?  Fear gripped her insides at the prospect of telling Marissa who she was.  You can’t mess this one up, girl.  Not this one.


Reaching out, she traced Marissa’s forearm covering her eyes.  “Hey, sleepy-head.”  The clock by the bed showed it was just past midnight.  They had been asleep for a couple of hours.  Marissa didn’t budge. 


She tried patting her exposed stomach gently.  “Marissa.  Let’s get you to bed, you don’t want to spend the whole night on the floor.”  No response.


“Okay.  If you say so…”  Moving in, she tried another tactic.  Hovering above the sleeping woman, she extended her tongue and slowly licked the sleeping nipple of Marissa’s right breast.  The nipple immediately awoke, but Marissa didn’t move.  “Dear God, give the woman a slight workout and feed her afterwards and she’s out like a light.”


Lowering her head again, she let her lips envelop the nipple now, sucking it in.  Just when she was about to give up and go get a glass of cold water, she felt a hand press her head into the breast she was servicing. 


“Mmmm, a girl could get used to being woken up like that.” 


Smiling, she detached herself from warm skin under her breasts and looked up into sleepy blue eyes.  “It took you a while.  I was gonna resort to trying to find if you had any ticklish spots.”


“Don’t you dare.”  A long-fingered hand moved to cup her cheek, and she leaned in, savoring the touch.  “What time is it, anyway?”


“It’s just past midnight.  I just wanted to move us up on the bed.  I already have rug burn on my knees, I didn’t want to add anymore to it.”


“Oh.”  Marissa sat up, stretching.  “I didn’t hear you complaining at the time.”


Licking her lips unconsciously at the sight offered to her, Ariana leaned in.  “No, no complaining.  None at all.” 


The low purr of her voice made the taller woman look at her and Ariana could see the flames of want reflected in Marissa’s eyes as well.  “Good.  Because I was thinking you need a matching set on your bum.” 


Scooting on her knees, the editor leaned in towards her, eyes fastened on her lips.  Feeling herself inexorably drawn to the blue-eyed woman before her, Ariana moved in to meet her half way, eyes closing in anticipation of the kiss. 


A loud rumbling stopped their movement; two pairs of eyes looking at each other in surprise, until the blue pair sheepishly averted its gaze.


“Ah, I – uh, didn’t really have any dinner yet.”


Ariana sat back on her haunches, laughing.  “And whose fault is that, exactly?  I was diligently cooking away in the kitchen until you decided to seduce me.”


Marissa defiantly raised her chin.  “I didn’t actually hear you complaining.  Besides, at the time, I wasn’t really hungry for food.”


Smiling, Ariana rose, dragging Marissa along with her.  “Yeah, yeah, blame it all on  your appetite.  I’ll run down and get us something to eat, and in the meantime you can find us something to wear.  There should be some T-shirts that could fit you in that bureau, ok?”


“Yes, mother.” 


She reached out, slapping Marissa’s exposed behind on her way out, well out of reach of her swinging arms.  She ran down the stairs laughing.





Most of the beans were burnt, but there was plenty of minced meat and tortillas and cheese to tide them over.  Softly humming to herself, she placed the food in the microwave, setting the timer.  It was truly incredible.


She felt elated, amazed, and definitely giddy.  It just felt so right with Marissa, all of it did.  She never had any doubt the sex would be incredible, she could tell from the very start.  But this feeling of comfort, of ease, was new, it was thrilling and she loved it.


Removing the dishes from the microwave, she started up the stairs.  Marissa seemed at ease as well.  There seemed to be no awkward questioning, they seemed to have developed an uncanny rapport with each other.  Now just for that minor detail of explaining to her who I am and why I didn’t tell her before.


Balancing the tray on one hand, she paused before the door, trying to find the handle.  The beam of light she could see under the door told her Marissa was getting settled in.  The door swung open and she quickly retracted her hand, steadying the tray.  Marissa was standing by the bureau, light blue t-shirt just covering her behind, her back turned to Ariana.


“Hey, I see you found something that fits.  Got anything for me, or would you prefer me to serve you like this?”


Slowly, very slowly, Marissa turned her head, calm blue eyes looking at her without seeing her.  Then the rest of the editor followed suit, turning to fully face her.  In her hand, limply hanging by her side, she was holding a piece of paper.


“Marissa?”  The dead calm of the tall woman’s features sent a pang of apprehension through Ariana, the tray forgotten in her hands.  And then she remembered; the letter she received from the editor three long weeks ago.  She had been reading it again before she went downstairs to start cooking dinner in order to help prepare herself for telling Marissa, and had left the letter on her bureau… “Oh, no…”



To Be Continued….


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